Sacred Sanctum of Vesta

A sanctuary where seekers of the Wiccan way can learn the ancient craft. A space where one can find respite from the hurly burly of the mundane, and truly reconnect with the source. Feel the presence of the old Gods, as you are guided by elders who walk the path of custodians of the ancient lineages. The essence of our teaching is that our seekers move forward in pace with the earth and the soul of the earth, living fulfilled lives as guardians and stewards of the ancient and sacred ways. 

How the Coven came about

She came to me in a vision. Goddess Vesta, holder and carrier of the fire of Rome. Goddess of Hearth and home. I was shown her temple. I was shown how her people revered her. How she kept them together with the burning of one single flame.
She took me by my hand and led me to the old city of Rome lying in a valley. She led me to her temple and made me sit on her throne. People kneeling offering me gifts. People asking for advice and guidance.  
Showing me that as Goddess of the Sacred Flame she held the importance of family and community close to her heart.  So was born The Coven, Sacred Sanctum of Vesta. 
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Mabon Celebrations 24 March 2010. For those who are curious as to how it works. Email us at

Classes for first degree Wicca 2012 have closed.

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